Becoming a Google Partner

For those of you who didn’t know, like me, you can actually become Google certified with Google Partners and gain exclusive access to several benefits. All you have to do to become a partner is pass a 70 question exam with at least an 80%, and although this sounds relatively simple, it is actually a lot of work. First, you must choose whether you want to become certified in Google Analytics or Google AdWords. I chose Google Analytics because I thought it would be more beneficial and useful in the career I am pursuing, but either option has many benefits depending on what you want to use it for. After you choose which path you would like to take, you must then complete two education courses in order to prepare yourself for the exam. These courses take a little bit longer than you may assume, and they throw lot of information at you to remember. However, at the end of each section it gives you small quizzes that help you to apply what you learned and makes it easier to remember for the future.

Once you finish taking these courses, you are then fully prepared to take the exam… well, hopefully. The first time I took the exam I only got a 70%; it was MUCH harder than I was expecting. If you come short of the 80%, you have to wait 7 days before you can take it again. During those 7 days, I took the time to re-watch some of the videos in the courses and better prepare myself for the exam. The next time I took it, I passed with a 91%!

Below is a picture of my final certificate of my Google Partnership in Google Analytics!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.07.06 PM

Wilson, B. (April 20, 2017). Screenshot of Analytics Certification [JPEG]. Retrieved from

This certificate in Google Analytics will help me in my communications career in so many ways. Since basically every company and organization uses Analytics as a way to keep track of their business goals and progress, and as a PR specialist I am working for those companies, it’s important to have knowledge of how Analytics works. I can use it to track which advertisements are producing effects on the company’s image or sales, discover which audiences we should target through campaigns, or to find solutions to problems where business may be suffering (i.e. website malfunctions).

A few weeks ago, before I had taken this exam, I was at a PRSSA meeting and there were several alumnus present to discuss their careers and accomplishments after graduation from Grand Valley. I was very excited when one of the speakers said she wished she had learned how to use Google Analytics in school because she has to use it all the time at her job and has no experience with it. She had to learn how to use while working the job, and other speakers began to chime in and say that they are in the same boat. At this moment I realized how valuable my certificate actually is.

Not only does the training and courses make you an expert on how to use Google Analytics, since many jobs utilize it, but the certificate also gives you a competitive advantage over other people when applying for jobs. It is something that you can put on your resume to show that you have experience with Google Analytics and are a Google Partner, something that many other students do not have when applying for internships or jobs.

So I encourage all of you to go get Google certified! Even though it takes time and effort to complete, there are so many advantages to doing it. I know that once I am working at a job, I will see the true benefits and usefulness that it offers.


Social Media Management

I today’s society, it is vitally important for any successful company to have social media pages. This could be anything from Facebook and Youtube to Instagram and Snapchat. Social media allows organizations to reach its audience in a much more personal and direct way, and so they want to make sure that their content is updated and relevant. Therefore, it is also important to have a good system of social media management so that all of the accounts are being updated with content that is useful and engaging for its audience.

Something that I would recommend is that all of you go and follow pages that are relevant to your field of study/work, or ones that you are simply just interested in. You can find out so much information and insight by following these social media accounts and staying in touch. For example, I follow several accounts that are related to my major or organizations that I am involved in, such as the PRSSA accounts, GrandPR accounts, and even accounts from professionals in the field, like Gary Vaynerchuk. It helps build connections with people that have similar interests as you and opens up opportunities for learning and experience.

Because social media management is a very important skill to have in the public relations field, and for any company/organization, I decided to get my feet wet by managing my personal twitter account. I used the tool Tweetdeck to schedule out tweets for the rest of the month of April. It was so easy to use and helped me understand what managing social media accounts looks like. Another tool that can be used for managing Twitter and other accounts like Facebook or Instagram is Hootsuite. I highly suggest trying these tools on your own social media accounts because it is a great skill to have for personal use and even to put on a resume.

Below are some screenshots of the tweets that I scheduled using Tweetdeck.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.10.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.10.56 PM

Wilson, B. (April 19, 2017). Screenshots of scheduled tweets on Tweetdeck [JPEG]. Retrieved from

Job Search

How many of you are on the job hunt right now? How many of you have been looking all over the place and cannot find the right one? And how many of you found the perfect job, but you do not meet all of the requirements for it? If this is you, then I am in the same boat.

With summer right around the corner, I have been looking for a job for the past couple of months, but I don’t really want just any job. I want one that I am actually interested in and will benefit me in some way in the future. The struggle is that every job I am interested in and that has relevance to my major has specific knowledge and experience that it requires. Most of these have to do with technology. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to learn and utilize many of these different technologies, as you have all seen through my various blog posts. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 7.08.32 PM

Wilson, B. (April 11, 2017). Screenshot of Job Search [JPEG]. Retrieved from

The point of this blog post is to show you how important technology really is, especially if you are going into a field similar to mine. If I could give you any piece of advice, it would be to learn and use as many different technologies as possible to get experience with them that you can put on your resume. Below are five jobs that I found on Indeed and am interested in, with the technology that they require you to have experience with.

Creative Assistant
Cascade Hills Country Club
MUST have experience with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft OfficeSocial Media

Marketing Intern
Skilled with presentation software programs, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Creative Suite; graphic design talent helpful but not necessary

Marketing Development Specialist
Trivalent Group
Maintain competency in MS Office applications, CRM tools, and other productivity and process tools including ConnectWise and QuoteWerks.

Communications Coordinator
Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel
Proficient with Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint and Word

Private Events Manager
Reserve Wine & Food (Windcrest Group)
Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, Excel.